Home Loans

Home Loans

The home loan brokers Melbourne market is very crowded and can seem confusing, particularly to first time buyers.

The team at Opulent recognizes that all buyers have different situations and objectives; for example, some clients are excited to be buying their first home whilst more experienced home buyers may be refinancing for home renovations or acquiring property for investment.

We consult with clients FREE of charge then trawl the market to come up with the best custom-built solution for them. We will take all the stress out of the process and get the best deal for our clients every single time.

Bespoke Home Loan Brokers in Burwood & Melbourne

If you are a first home buyer, we will process your first home buyer grant application and get the funds available at settlement.

We are here to help regardless of the type of home loan buyer you are:

  • Purchasing an existing property
  • House and land packages
  • Off the plan packages (town house, unit or an apartment)
  • Upgrading your main residence or using refinance option
  • Bridging home loan (if you are in between changing houses)
  • Family guaranteed home loan (help your children buy their first property with your home equity)

When it’s time to apply for a home loan then it becomes extremely hard to know where to begin. The process seems so complicated that finding the right category of first home buyer loans can be confusing because there are so many options available. You can start your process by contacting your Home Loan Brokers Burwood for performing an evaluation of your plans and compare to see if you can prequalify for a suitable home loan.

Home loan with low rates for first home buyer in Mt Waverley

It is imperative to understand that there is essential difference in various types of loans available from the refinance home loan companies. The First home buyer loans are classified into three categories:

  • Fixed Interest Mortgage
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Hybrid Mortgage (which is blend of fixed & adjustable rates)

Apart from this, loans are also categorized on the basis of governmental loans or conventional loans, the terms of such Home Loan Brokers Mt Waverley are decided on the basis of rules and policies approved at national level within the country.

The conventional loans can further be categorized into two categories which are conforming and non-conforming loans. In order to enable and qualify for the position of conforming Home Loan Broker Glen Waverley, it can also be regarded as A-paper loan. While there are many general types of Mortgage Brokers available for home buyers it is significant to look with your mortgage company at the specific loans for which you can qualify for availing the facility of refinance or first home buyer.

If you are thinking of making your dream house a reality and you are searching for having financial assistance then you can easily unlock the door to a new beginning. Now purchasing and owing a house has become an easy option for home loan in Burwood, Mt. Waverely, Glen Waverely, Melbourne, Australia. The reason why people are looking towards refinance or loan options is that it suits every individual’s way of living. It is an easy option for those who have limited resources of income along with uneven income distribution. Everyone cannot afford to have a home of their own hence it is essential to have something which can offer easy installments and down payment option.

Looking for Refinance home loan in Glen Waverley?

So, being a first home buyer you need to look at several options and whatever you do always take time and do plenty of research work during your home buying process in Burwood, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley and Melbourne. Consider all the options available and then evaluate it with your current lifestyle, where you want to see yourself presently along with the last option of where you want to see yourself down the track. For making all this possible it is essential to have financial assistance from a broker or financial advisor of Melbourne who can assist you in making your first home purchase easy with low home loan rates as quick as possible.

What Sets Us Apart ?

Elite Broker Status

Opulent Finance has achieved Elite broker status with CBA and higher status with other banks for our quality lodgments and large volumes.

FREE Consultation

We provide completely FREE consultation for all our mortgage services.

Specialist Tax Advice *

We offer FREE and independent tax advice when you buy an investment property.

Best Solutions

We are 100% INDEPENDENT, therefore guarantee the most suitable solution possible for you.

Outstanding Client Retention

We have an outstanding client retention rate as we become a life partner with all our clients, helping with all of their financial (and accounting) needs for many years.

Customer Satisfaction

Our well-experienced team at Opulent Finance is extremely proud of the over 98% customer retention rate.


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