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Why Should You Go To a Mortgage Broker Instead Of the Bank

By Opulent Finance|Thursday Jan 17, 2019

It is an exciting moment for you and your family to purchase a new house. However, in today’s volatile real estate market, it is next to impossible to purchase a house without taking on a mortgage. Nowadays, it’s not just the bank that offers loans and mortgages. You also have other borrowing options like Opulent Finance.

Instead of going to the bank, the better choice is to pay your nearest mortgage broker a visit. Your mortgage broker acts like a matchmaker by finding you your perfect match; a lender who is offering the lowest mortgage rate. You wouldn’t be able to find a lender who offers better rates than your mortgage broker, unless you are borrowing from your friends and family.

Services Offered At Opulent Finance Brokers

  1. Home loans
  2. Investment property loans
  3. Commercial finance
  4. Car finance
  5. Equipment finance
  6. Personal loans
  7. Lending through super funds
  8. First home buyer

With our unique and efficient process, Opulent Finance will ensure that you get the best rates according to your needs and requirements.

Easily secure a loan

Did you know that about 25% of housing loans in Australia are arranged by mortgage brokers. That is because they are able to find you a lender on low mortgage rates. At Opulent Finance, we ensure that you secure a loan without going through any hassle.

In the case where you go to a bank, you will have to go through a long and tedious process just to submit an application for your loan. Even then, it’s up to the bank if they accept your application, or reject it, if they find your credit ratings to be low or unfavorable according to them.   

Knowledge of Industry

A mortgage broker is aware of different lenders and which ones will be best suited for you. Accordingly, they are able to offer solutions based on your individual need and circumstances. Our experienced and knowledgeable mortgage brokers at Opulent Finance will take their time to present you with the most suitable options. Instead of you doing all the legwork by visiting various lenders, our mortgage broker will find you the right lender. A bank will just lay down their mortgage policies and terms, which you will have to adhere to.

Research Your Opportunities on Your Behalf

You would be surprised to find out how many contacts mortgage brokers have with various lenders. Our mortgage brokers will make sure that the lender and their rates are acceptable for you. Some banks will be just fixated on you signing the mortgage contract. They won’t even care if the payment terms are not as per your favor. You just have to accept it, and that’s that. 

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