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What makes Opulent Finance So Special – Know All about It?

By Opulent Finance|Monday Oct 29, 2018

Opulent Finance has become a trusted name in the financial services industry from the past few years because of their friendly and customer focused approach. You must be thinking that many other financial service providers are also friendly then what is so special about Opulent Finance. So here is all that you need to know about how Opulent Finance has grown over the years by treating their clients in such a way that compels them to recommend Opulent Finance to their friends, relatives, and colleagues.

The Lowest Interest Rates Ever

The first and foremost advantage of reaching out to Opulent Finance is that they offer their clients the best and lowest possible interest rates. If an owner-occupied rate as low as 3.59% and investment property rate as low as 3.74% sounds too surreal for you then you can come to Opulent Finance and find out that this is actually true. They offer you the advantage of a low-fee mortgage with their special interest rates. In addition to the lowest possible rates, at Opulent Finance, you will have an additional advantage of getting free advice regarding how to maximise your tax refunds.

95% Home Loan with Only 5% Deposit

Usually, the lenders all over Australia consider all the loan over 80% of the purchase price as a high risk and only with Opulent Finance you can actually have a possibility to have an access to such lenders who are willing to lend you up to 95% of the purchase price. Opulent Finance can also look for the possibility of further reducing the amount of required deposit by assisting you with borrowing 95% along with LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) if you meet additional lending criteria. In the situation where you do not have any considerable savings, looking to buy a property in a remote location, have a poor credit scoring or a credit history, a bank will certainly say no to your application but Opulent Finance can connect you with some lenders who will still offer you a loan. This is particularly beneficial for the individuals looking to buy their very first home.  

Get Refinance Rebate

Have you ever thought of actually making some extra money by refinancing? Well, only at Opulent Finance you get the best rebate if you decide to further refinance your owner-occupied or investment properties. This might be another major reason behind an amazingly high ratio of customer retention by the Opulent Finance. In the highly competitive financial services market, Opulent Finance actually allows its client to benefit from this intense competition by not only offering competitive interest rates but also a cash rebate. At Opulent Finance, you can get the settlement or a cash out for your refinancing rebate within a few weeks. In addition to that, their special discounted rates allow you to save a great deal on money.

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